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Need some "Frank" talk? Everyone has problems or needs help at some time or another.  Whether it's fighting a foreclosure, dealing with a real estate or escrow issue or filing for bankruptcy, people need to ask for help to figure out what, if anything can be done.  This is a time when you need frank advice - direct, truthful and sincere.  I promise to review your case with you and offer you the most direct and cost-effective solution. No complicated legal jargon, just direct and straightforward legal advice at a reasonable and fair cost - no nonsense, no frills, no bull!

I have 33 years of expert experience in litigating  cases with complex business disputes, real estate and escrow issues, foreclosures, probate, wills and trusts, estate planning, landlord/tenant disputes; advising on and handling bankruptcies,  evictions, commercial disputes, and corporate, partnership and LLC issues and management; also handle personal injury cases. For more information on my areas of practice, please click the tab labeled Practice Areas above.

Aside from litigation, I will also give you frank, expert advice and help on contracts, setting up your business, creditor negotiations, landlord disputes, real estate contracts (buyer and seller), and many other types of business and legal advice where it may call for a review, or following a documented legal process rather than filing a lawsuit.

I have a prominent reputation of uncompromising ethics in the legal community. I can't and won't make promises I can't keep, but I will always be frank. 

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